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Fitness SEO Web Design Glossary for the Uninitiated

A website is a great way to showcase and promote your products and services. However, if you want maintain your rank in the search engines; you need to keep updating your website regularly. In addition, it is necessary to be familiar with the workings of the fitness seo web design site Ie how the process of search engine optimisation works, so that you do not lose the rank on the search engine.

The benefits on being ranked in the first page of the search engine are immense – you get more traffic to your website, you products or services get promoted inadvertently and you also become a sought after website for the expertise you offer to your clients.

Here are few glossary terms that will help you maintain a fitness SEO website.

Fitness SEO Web Design

Anchor text

This is most commonly used term while creating websites as well as content. An anchor text is nothing but a word or a sentence that is hyperlinked. This anchor text when clicked on will take you to another link which is either relevant to the topic or will throw more information by showing the meaning of the word. While this is good way to lead the user to another web page, don’t overdo it. A user must not end up feeling that your website is full of information that can be accessible with another click.

Title tag

If you are writing an article to optimize your personal trainer SEO marketing and want it to be displayed on the search engine results pages, then you have to depend on title tags. A title tag is either the title of your article or the section that a user will be diverted to once they select the link. For example, your title tag has 5 benefits of drinking water, then every time a user searches for water or benefits or drinking water, then your website or article’s link will pop up. It will do the job of luring the user into opening your website. So, ensure you put in unique, catchy and smart title tags for your website or article link.

Meta description

A meta description is a snippet or a preview or hint to what you can expect once you click on the link of the article or website. For example, if you have written a fitness SEO friendly article on how to lose weight, then when a user searches for weight loss, then your article will come up based on the keywords you have used.

Remember, after your website or article is displayed as part of the search engine results page, a user will go through all the meta descriptions and if you want the user to choose your website, then the meta description should be written in an effective and concise way.


Keywords are popular to enhance search engine optimization as it enables the search engine to identify what your website is about. So, when you are writing an article, deciding on the title tag and meta description is part of the process to ensure that your article or website gets listed in the result pages of the search engine.